CNC Services

Our 3-axis PRS Standard Shopbot CNC router and skilled technicians can cut and engrave sheet goods and solid materials with the touch of a button. From six-foot letters for your business’ sign to a large scale run of IBM clock-backs, our router can handle it all. Let’s work together to make your project happen.



Interested in using our CNC services? Use our contact form on this page or email as much information as possible and your CNC routing files to




  • CNC rates are $80/hour for non-members and $60/hour for members.
  • There is a $50 shop minimum for CNC jobs.
  • All CNC jobs include a $20 file set-up fee.
  • All 3D carving jobs require a $20 setup fee per side
  • We have rush options available when the queue allows.
  • Material and final productions files must be received before a job can be added to the queue.
  • If additional labor is required to complete your project, a $50/hr rate applies. For example, painting, sanding, assembling, etc.
  • To receive a quote please submit the 3D file as a .stl filetype.
    Submit files and relevant information through our contact form to the right or email for rates and project estimates.
  • Please name all files accordingly: Firstname_Lastname_business*_projectname_material_quantity*_date_clientfile
    *if necessary



MAX. CUTTING THICKNESS: It’s all in the details!

Have tiny details in your project? Keep in mind that ⅛” diameter bits have a ½” depth capability and 1/16” diameter bits have a 5/16” depth capability.

Acceptable Materials

Hardwood, Plywood, MDF, Acrylic, Plexiglass, and more! Email us if you have any questions.

Unacceptable Materials

Metals, Carbon Fiber, and a few others – if you are in doubt, please email us about your material.


1. Files must be in DXF format:

Must include both a 2D DXF of top view and a 2D DXF of the bottom view if carving both sides.

2. Join all objects before exporting:

Be sure that all objects are joined, flattened and do not contain overlapping/double lines.

3. Drop-off your materials at the Front Desk:

Please specify that they are for a CNC job and tag them with your name and contact info. **We require extra test material for quality control. 10% extra is recommended.**


  • Use our CNC Template to setup your files.
  • Be sure to export files with an origin point, Sketchup files are particularly bad at letting objects float out into space!
  • When nesting your parts in your file, consider the depth of your material. For thicker material (>½”), leave 1” between parts as a general rule. For thinner material (<¼”), you can leave ¼” between parts as a general rule. This includes leaving a little space between your parts and the edge of the material. Know that CNC routing does not produce 90-degree interior corners. Router bits are round, and will produce a round profile as such.